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Ice cubes order form. Ice cubes order form.

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Drinks without ice cubes are HORRIBLE!!!!





Please note: If you are contacting us for a quote please provide the following information.


Delivery postcode, or address

The date of delivery

How many 12kg bags you require, if know. See FAQ's if not known or you need advice.


Please ring: 01753 525 115

Or email: sales@24hourice.co.uk


Minimum order is 10 bags. We are based about 10 miles west of Heathrow Airport. Our postcode is SL1 4JG


Other things to note when requesting a quote:

We manufacture ice cubes and crushed ice. We make crushed ice fresh and require a minimum of one working day's notice for crushed ice.


We also sell Dry Ice but do not manufacture it. The Manufacturers have limited opening hours there that restricts when WE can collect it and delivery it to you.


Delivery area.  Whilst we can deliver ice nationwide, it unlikely that we can deliver ice to your event on a Saturday, and possibly Sunday, in the summer if you are more than 50 miles from base. We are a small company and to send a van on a delivery of over 100 miles round trip on the busiest day of the week is unlikely. We would undoubtedly lose several other delivery. Check to see if your event has freezer storage as we can deliver the day before or earlier in the week.

We are based approximately 20 miles west of London. Whilst we can delivery 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, the cost of delivery (if any) will be reflected on requirements. Time and distance from base, and more importantly, if you require out of hours delivery, this must be booked in advance.

For example, If you require an ice delivery immediately at 8pm in Manchester, or midnight in Belfast, firstly it would take at least 4 - 6 to get to Manchester and 12 - 14 hours to get to Belfast from our base. We do not have hundreds of vans parked strategically throughout the country, 24 hours a day, just waiting for a pub ice machine to break down. Judging by the calls we get at 10pm to 3am, from the length and breadth of the country, a lot of hotels, clubs, and pubs think that we do. Even if we could delivery in an emergency the delivery charge alone to Manchester would be 300 - 400 and Belfast 800+. Approximately half that if booked a few days before but don't forget that our standard daytime delivery charge within 20 miles from base is 30 + Vat and we currently have a FREE DAYTIME DELIVERY OFFER on for addresses within 10 miles from base.


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