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Drinks without ice cubes are HORRIBLE!!!!



all made using

All speciality ice made using Highland Spring.


Make a real impression. Take your event to another level! Stunning crystal clear ice balls, giant ice cubes, normal sized ice cubes, ice skulls, ice bricks, and other speciality ice, all made using Highland Spring.



Ice Balls

18 per box, diameter approx 2.35 inches (60mm)

Apart from the beautiful appearance, the sphere has the benefit of having the most surface area of any shape. This means that it will cool drinks down more efficiently and also keep it's shape. In Japan, only the best cocktail bars serve ice balls. Whisky connoisseurs wouldn't put anything else in their drinks.

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Crystal clear ice cubes

Giant Ice Cubes

18 per box., Each Cube is approximately 2x2x2 inches (5x5x5cm)

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Normal Sized Ice Cubes

Approximately 1.2x1.2x1.2 inches (3x3x3cm)

120 per box

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Ice Skulls!

Made from Holy Water. Just kidding! Highland Spring  actually. For adults (18+) with a sense of humour only. Guaranteed not to melt in temperatures up to 31F!

For parties and wakes!

18 per box

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Ice Bricks

Ideal for bar top presentations, ice shaving and chipping for cocktails, or just as a cool stand for your bottles. Our ice bricks and other speciality ice have hundreds of beautiful ice bubbles that are formed naturally in the centre of the blocks. Always made from Highland Spring to ensure they are crystal clear as well as for purity.

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Ice Chunks

Assorted chunks of ice made from Highland Spring. Gasses which occur naturally when water is frozen included. Unusual shapes, non uniform. Ideal for chipping or breaking into smaller chunks.

Sold in 12kg bags

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Special Assignment

Raspberries in ice cubes.

Soft fruit inside giant cube. Very hard to achieve as soft fruit usually explodes inside ice when frozen.

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Your Ice v Our Ice

The following photographs show our ice compared to what you will produce making your own ice at home.

Both lots of ice are made using

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Please state amount required, delivery postcode, and date required. Speciality ice is only produced out of season (September to March) and require at least three weeks notice.


Don't forget to order 12 kg bags of normal ice cubes.


Drinks without ice cubes are HORRIBLE!!!!



Highland Spring

Highland Spring     Organic, Soil Association.


All our speciality ice is made using Highland Spring. The UK's most popular bottled water.


"Highland Spring was the first bottled water brand in the UK to have its catchment area certified as organic by the Soil Association, every drop of Highland Spring is just as nature intended. The water spends an incredible 15 years passing through layer upon layer of ancient basalt rock before being bottled."


How do you make clear ice?

There are many methods but none of them produce 100% clear ice. The clearest ice in nature is an icicle. This is made from pure water that already has it's oxygen taken out because it is made from melting snow. The snow melts at around 1c and runs down the icicle before being frozen again at freezing temperatures. The water is frozen in layers giving almost perfectly clear results. The method is time consuming and difficult to reproduce in commercial environments.


Some ice merchants use filtered water and boil it, twice, before freezing it very slowly at temperatures between -1c and -3c. This is good but again not perfect.


Another way which probably produces the clearest ice and is used by many industrial ice making processes. Large (carving) ice blocks are produced and while the block is frozen, a pump using a tube running to the middle of the block re-circulating the water until the block is almost frozen then withdrawn. This produces clear ice but is not normally used for human consumption, not for drinks etc.


Our crystal clear ice products are made using directional freezing. This method ensures that our ice cubes, balls, and skulls are almost 100% clear. Sometimes a few small bubbles remain but these only add to the beauty. Using Highland Spring ensures the purity and guarantees that no chemicals or other additives are present in our ice. We have chosen Highland Spring to make our speciality ice because of it's reputation for purity, and because it's from Scotland. If you prefer Speciality Ice made from another brand of bottled water please send us your order, including when you require them by for a no obligation quote.


Speciality ice.


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